A wireless comunity mesh network in Appennino

Andrea - Bologna - Italy

rc3 - 2021

What we are doing

A community mesh network in countryside.



LibreMesh is a modular framework for creating OpenWrt-based firmwares for wireless mesh nodes.

Mesh networks are such networks where all participants (nodes) are able to route traffic from other participants. So there are not central points and the physical topology can be completely random.

  • Scalability;
  • Network segmentation;
  • Layer 2 roaming inside certain areas;
  • Modularity;
  • Compatibility of most of the existing scenarios;
  • A single firmware image for all of your network (for ground level, for backbone, for companies, for quick deployments, etc.) And NEWS: deploy configuration based on MAC address.



    Our Mesh network


    • Starting from march 2017
    • 15 nodes
    • hardware: 50 people, 3 technicians, tplink, ubiquiti, librerouter.org, secondhands routers and antennas
    • software: libremesh.org (flavour of openwrt); routing protocols: batman adv and babeld


    • Nextcloud - cloud
    • Transmission - torrent
    • umap - maps
    • Prometheus - monitoring
    • H5ai - Repository for firmwares
    • Graphana - graphs

    feminist technologies

    technology is a proportion of skills and dependencies

    • do not do things alone
    • testing environment
    • document everything and explain the choice of algorithms
    • give yourself the time to study
    • not be too much specialized

    perifericas kefir vedetas

    Introdução a redes autônomas


    • intimacy and consensus
    • memory and narrations
    • interconnection seeds
    • self-management

    A network over another network

    Campia Aperti

    • food autonomy
    • agroecology
    • consensus method
    • shared warranty
    • sense of limit
    • mutualism


    not ask: "we are all agree?", but better: "someone have more doubs?"

    • active consent
    • consent and doubt
    • active dissent

    Shared agreements

    • reports
    • time keeper
    • right to listen/ to be listen
    • everyone talks for herselves (no meta discussion)


    • people that take care of the process
    • take lessons
    • ask external help

    Our mesh network community

    • meeting 1 a year
    • informal roles
    • different responsabilities

    free Software and free people?

    • problem of informed consensus
    • cultural responsability
    • shared management

    free Software and free people?

    • maintain
    • optimise
    • innovate

    Became an ISP

    a huge step?

    List of issues

    • design together
    • have a testing infrastructure
    • financial
    • understand a common good
    • policy of service and content



    CC 4 - by-nc-sa ; slide in reveal.js


    • ninux.org
    • eclectictechcarnival.org
    • campiaperti.org
    • www.ecn.org/xm24
    • autistici.org
    • libremesh.org
    • librerouter.org
    • tetaneutral.net
    • genuinoclandestino.it
    • hackmeeting.org